About Kaffepause


Kaffepause is an online marketplace where locals and visitors can meet over a cup of coffee

Coffee is essential to norwegians!

Some likes to make it simple. Others put time and effort into their brew. But no matter what type of coffee you prefer, the drink itself will invariably be a major part of life at home, parties, cafés and work. It opens doors and welcomes. Coffee makes it easier to blend in.

Saying “yes, please” when offered a cup of coffee means saying yes to togetherness and conversation.

Our goal with Kaffepause is to share the national coffee culture with people who choose to experience Norway as visitors. Some say it can be tricky getting to know us – we have a reputation for being somewhat shy and introvert. We have no desire to change that with Kaffepause: We are who we are, and that’s good enough.

What we want to do is open the door ajar, and provide Norwegians and visitors with an opportunity to meet and bond over the joy of coffee. Everybody who has tried it describes it as a wonderful experience.

Take a chance and register as a coffee host or guest! You won’t regret it.


The team

Anniken Kaffe Kopp3.jpg

Anniken Enger 

It’s easier to get to know new neighbors over the smell of freshly brewed coffee. That’s what Anniken learned when she left the city life of Oslo for Skrova, a small island in the Lofoten archipelago. There, a year ago, the nature lover, sailor and yogi, found her paradise. 

Anniken’s best coffee memory: Cowboy coffee by the campfire on a winter night in Skrova – with the northern lights dancing across the sky. 


Sigrid O. Hoem 

According to Sigrid, a creative and social Oslo resident, any break is a coffee break. Or, more to the point, any situation is a coffee situation – whether Sigrid’s in her car, on a hike, at breakfast, at work or at a party.  

Sigrid’s best coffee memory: Having her fortune told through coffee grounds by her school teacher. 



Money for a local cause 

Out of the amount of money the coffee hosts receive, 5% is withdrawn for a local cause. 

On each Kaffepause destination, a local enthusiast functions as a contact person for the coffee hosts. This person chooses a local cause that will receive provisions for every completed coffee meeting. 

This way, Kaffepause facilitates positive contributions from the visitors to the community they visit. The money may be provided to the local tourist cooperation, marching bands, youth clubs or other good causes.