How does Kaffepause work?

A unique way for locals and visitors to bond over a cup of coffee. Join in on the adventure! 

Photo: Anniken Enger

Photo: Anniken Enger

For the coffee guest: 

As a visitor, you’re probably curious about what life in Norway is like.

With the service Kaffepause, we’ve made it easier for you to meet and get to know locals in the area you’re visiting. Go to Register your profile and start searching for coffee hosts. 

Currently, you’ll only find coffee hosts in selected fishing communities in Northern Norway. 

When you have found a destination, you want to visit and a coffee host who attracts your interest, check where they offer a coffee meeting, what kind of coffee they serve and what their price is. Then send a booking request. 

When the local host accepts your request, you’re free to chat – and book a time and a place for the coffee break. When the event has taken place, the agreed amount of money will be withdrawn from your account and transferred to your host’s account. 

On top of the amount you both agree on, a 15 % fee will be added and charged to maintain and market the Kaffepause platform. 

For the coffee host:

When you’ve decided to become a coffee host, register your profile at 

You will be asked to provide the following information: First name, last name and email address. This information will be visible only to you.  

Then, choose a username that will be displayed to others – for instance your first name combined with the first letter in your last name.  

When you’ve registered your profile, provide the following information: 

Listing title: 

Describe briefly what you have to offer – for instance bonfire coffee in nature, filter coffee in your kitchen or cafe latte in a coffee shop. 


Set your own price – you’ll gradually learn what your guests are willing to pay. The more exclusive or creative the coffee break, the more you can charge. 

NOTE: When you add a listing with payment you also need to add your payment details. Remember to have your IBAN number (International Bank Account Number) ready. You will find the relevant information regarding IBAN on your bank's homepage. 

Detailed description:

Describe your offer in detail. What are your interests? Do you have any particular skills or areas of expertise? Why do you want to be a coffee host? 

Type of coffee: 

Describe what kind of coffee you offer – be it cowboy coffee, filter coffee, boat coffee, lighthouse coffee or something entirely else. 

Expiration date:

You can determine how long your listing is open. After the expiration date the listing will close automatically. Closed listings are not visible in any normal listing views. You can change the expiration date any time from the "edit listing" menu. You can also reopen the listing after it has closed from the same menu, if it is still topical.


Name the place where you want to meet your guest. 


Upload an image or more of yourself and your surroundings. 

For best results, use JPG, GIF or PNG images that are 660 x 440 pixels. 

Then post your listing and choose what dates and hours you are available. 

5 % of the amount of money you receive from your coffee guest will be withdrawn from the transaction and spent on a local cause chosen in advance. 

Anniken Enger