Show the world where you’re from

Bonding over a cup of coffee isn’t just a great experience for the parties involved – the whole community benefits from it. 

Foto: Agnete Brun

Foto: Agnete Brun

There’s a certain kind of tourists who typically come to visit us up here in the north. 

They have no interest in spending time with thousands of fellow travellers. On the contrary: They’re in search of a true experience, way off the beaten track. They crave the adventure, whether it unfolds in spectacular nature or authentic culture. They have have a need to explore.  

 These are people in search of depth, not commotion. Silence, not noise. 

 And unlike many other tourists around the world, they have a genuine desire to understand how we live our lives here.  

The importance of a last(ing) impression 

Increasingly, people are eager to share their experiences in the wake of a trip. Even the tiniest nooks and crannies around the world receive criticism or praise on the major travel sites these days.  

 But just as import are the first-hand stories of the travellers, whether they take the form of blog posts, shared photos or status updates. And – not least – direct recommendations to friends, family and acquaintances, through stories of hospitality, great conversations and moments they wouldn’t be able to experience any other place. 

 That’s where you come in. 

 Although we often talk about the important first impression: In reality, it’s the last impression that really matters. With a cup of coffee as a foundation for close encounters with real people in a tight-knit community, chances are that the last impression will be remembered as a strong and lasting travel memory. 

A living place  

As a coffee host, you’re able to bring your guests into the Norwegian culture and lifestyle in ways that totally transcend the ordinary tourist routes. You don’t even have to invite them home – taking them out can sometimes be just as effective when it comes to showing off our little corner of the world. 

Maybe you have a favorite coffee shop, or perhaps you like to shoot the breeze by the table in the local convenience store? Or is nature the main source of your local pride? Boat coffee, pier coffee, bonfire coffee or bathing coffee – anything goes! 

Another possibility is centering the coffee break around one of your passions. Knitting coffee, baking coffee, art coffee and garden coffee are just some of the variations that may attract curious guests. 

Remember to write as engaging as you can about your interests when you register as a coffee hosts, thus providing like-minded coffee guests with the opportunity to pick you among all the local hosts.   

The rhythm of the community   

Most people visiting here have a strong desire to do more than just look at things. They want to understand the rhythm of everyday life, understand our lifestyle and join in on the action themselves.  

Volunteer work in the community, beach cleaning, woodchopping and other physical activities may not be distinctively Norwegian phenomena, but they’re important to us – and they tell something essential about how we organize our lives up here. 

Invite your guests to join you in your tasks! You’ll have a pair of extra working hands (or more) available, they’ll have an exciting and authentic experience and you’ll both have a very special springboard to a friendship.  

One of the cornerstones of Kaffepause is giving back to the community: Five percent of the amount you arranged for your guest to pay, is withdrawn from the transaction and donated to a previously agreed local cause.  

But the most important job for the community is what you do – just by being a host – without it feeling as a job at all. 

Anniken Enger