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The team

Anniken Enger 

It’s easier to get to know new neighbors over the smell of freshly brewed coffee. That’s what Anniken learned when she left the city life of Oslo for Skrova, a small island in the Lofoten archipelago. There, a year ago, the nature lover, sailor and yogi, found her paradise. 

Anniken’s best coffee memory: Cowboy coffee by the campfire on a winter night in Skrova – with the northern lights dancing across the sky. 

Sigrid O. Hoem 

According to Sigrid, a creative and social Oslo resident, any break is a coffee break. Or, more to the point, any situation is a coffee situation – whether Sigrid’s in her car, on a hike, at breakfast, at work or at a party.  

Sigrid’s best coffee memory: Having her fortune told through coffee grounds by her school teacher.